Lucid dream coach

Lucidity 4 ALL” or “Lucidity for all” has been created for this very own purpose that is implied by the name itself. Youri has been researching and exploring the dreams all his life and saw the necessity and the advantage that it can give to all human race in paying attention to what is going on in the dream time. Lucidity implies awareness that does not have to be constrained only to the sleeping time of the day. It has a much broader extension through the life of a person than just the lucid dreams or out of body experiences. It is about being aware of all aspects of life in order to get the full potential of what we are actually capable to do. Not that things have to be complex all the time and the research is compulsory in order to be considered as a valid human. It is not that at all. Youri has a vision that has a mystery and a giggle to it. It is not about how serious can you be in a meditation – unless that is your choice. It is not about abandoning your current life style for the unknown either. It is seeing the world full of mysteries rather than telling the mind “I know it all”.


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