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"How can I have a lucid dream?

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WHAT IS LUCID DREAMING and how to get started?

Lucid Dreaming is when you are having a dream, and then you become aware that you are dreaming. Simple as that. It's the awareness you are dreaming that makes it a lucid dream, Tho with no control, it may be a lucid nightmare, not a lucid "dream". Here are links to some techniques to learn.
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Dream Recall required as first most important no good if you forget all dreams

VERY IMPORTANT... If you are new in this group and haven't really figured out what Lucid Dreaming is, remember to check this video series BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS IN THE GROUP

If you have no data here is the text version

SLEEP PARALYSIS... I heard it's scary and puts me off trying to Lucid Dream??
 watch this video for a very detailed look at Sleep Paralysis

this post

The WILD technique  falling asleep directly in to a dream without loosing awareness. Here is a group dedicated to the WILD method


Multiple bodies at 1 time see post
What are the abbreviations? DC =dream character RC =reality check DS =dream sign WILD, MILD, DILD, DEILD, FILD SP AP OBE??
see this link

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