Casey Claar
The Galactic Travel Channel / theGalactic.Travel.Channel

   I am an “experiencer”, an explorer of consciousness systems, a visual and vocal channel. I am a longtime student of yoga and meditation, beginning my practice at the age of 12 and becoming seriously devoted to the practice in my late 20’s. I have taught yoga, yoga breathing and meditation since 1999. My journey is culminating in the Summer of 2009 when “activated to awaken” and beginning to undergo a top-down Kundalini type awakening process. At this time, the ability to explore consciousness systems, realities and worlds beyond our own became a permanent part of my life experience. I enjoy regularly going out... Further developing an ability to shift into additional consciousness states, additional consciousness SPACE,—galactic, universal and elemental experience territories. I now write, lecture and teach on the subject of spiritual self-development and consciousness exploration - specifically what I call “the conscious shift” ( the fully conscious OBE ). I am an advocate of intentional community and unconditional exchange, *no prices or rates are ever applied. Connect and begin a mentoring process through any of my sites. The forum/message board and Zoom are generally engaged the most for this purpose.

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